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Muscle Car – what is it?

Of course, we’ve all seen a lot of movies where the main character drives away from pursuers in action scenes under the roar of his amazing Muscle Car. But why does this beast called a Muscle car?

It is a medium-sized, aggressive and definitely recognizable in design car, aimed at achieving maximum speed and power, produced exclusively in America. They are necessarily rear-wheel-drive and inherently have higher safety requirements than simple, everyday cars. Such a nickname was received thanks to the incredibly powerful and huge V8 engine, which allows the car to leave all competitors behind! The term muscle cars itself originated among car enthusiasts in the late 1970s when the peak of production of medium-sized 2 doors cars with a perfect combination of beauty and power came. Today we will tell you about the most recognizable muscle cars, which you can rent with DRIVAR!

Muscle cars models


The Dodge Challenger is a muscle car manufactured by Dodge, owned by the Chrysler Corporation. It was intended to compete with cars such as the Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang gt, Mercury Cougar, and Pontiac Firebird. At the same time, American charisma is sustained here even more than other modern muscle cars. The Dodge Challenger is one of the only muscle cars to offer a choice between rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. Moreover, with tweaks to steering, gear shifting, suspension stiffness, and other high-performance vehicle features, it can instantly change and be both a fantastic travel coupe for exploring the country or an uncompromising vehicle of speed and extreme power. If you are a fan of high speed and drive, then this is definitely worth it!

Experience the American legend on your own and you will understand why there are no replacements for this road beast.


Data & facts about the Dodge Challenger R:   

  • What does a Dodge Challenger cost? -New price from $29,680.
  • How much horsepower does a Dodge Challenger have? -Power 303 to 807 hp
  • How fast does a Dodge Challenger accelerate? -Acceleration to 60mphi n 3.4 sec
  • How fast is a Dodge Challenger-Top speed around 203 mph


Ford Mustang GT is a car that has long been a symbol of America’s racing spirit. The GT model is a classic and most desired muscle car that features indescribable power and large engine displacement! The charisma, vehicle features, high-tech car system, well-known appearance and roar of the engine cannot be confused with any other competitive car on the market. One look is enough to say YES to this beast. Not only is it amazing in terms of design, but it also has incredible technical features that will allow you to truly sense the speed of the car during the road trip!

If you want to experience the full power of an American muscle car – then your choice is Mustang Shelby GT500! Truly the most aggressive and forceful model between Mustangs in a car group. Shelby is ready to boast a 5.2-liter supercharged V8 engine with crazy 760 horsepower.


Data & facts about the Ford Mustang GT :  

  • What does a Ford Mustang GT cost? -New price from $36,120. 
  • How much horsepower does a Mustang GT have? -Power from 310 to 480 hp
  • How fast does a Ford Mustang GT accelerate? -Acceleration to 60mph in 4,4s.  
  • How fast is a Ford Mustang GT -Top speed around 155 mph (250 km/h)


We are probably all familiar with the famous Chevrolet Camaro, which became so popular thanks to the movie Transformers. It is undoubtedly one of the absolute favorites in this segment of ultra-powerful American sports cars. Camaro became a real serious rival to the technical face of the leading Ford Mustang back then, and still is to this day. For our consideration, we want to take the most sophisticated and updated version – Chevrolet Camaro SS.

The SS is available in both variations as a coupe or convertible and comes with the latest high-tech safety and high-performance features, like cruise control leather interior, for example. This car attracts people’s attention from half a kilometer away thanks to its exceptional engine sound! The presence of these letters SS, which means “Super Sport”, operated by General Motors since the first half of the XX century, and indicates that under the hood of the car is set extremely possible V-shaped eight-cylinder engine, working capacity of 6.2 liters, capable of generating as much as 405 horsepower.


Data & facts about the Camaro SS :  

  • What does a Camaro SS cost? -New price from $42,500.
  • How much horsepower does a Camaro SS have? -Power 405 hp.
  • How fast does a Camaro SS accelerate? -Acceleration to 60mph in 4,4s.  
  • How fast is a Camaro SS -Top speed around 165 mph (265 km/h).

Other popular models: Dodge Charger,  Dodge Durango, Ford F-Series Super Duty, Ram 1500 TRX and Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.

Locations: Muscle car rental in the USA

Are you looking for a Ford Mustang GT rental and do not know where to find one? We are definitely the solution to your problem! With muscle cars available in nearly every city in the US, predominantly in Las VegasLos AngelesMiamiNew YorkChicagoSan Francisco, and Houston, our organization is inserted in a network consisting of hundreds of exotic, sports, and luxury cars available all over the country. Therefore, not only DRIVAR connect you directly to your dream sports vehicles, but we also provide you with the right one to collect breath-taking memories while driving it. The DRIVAR luxury car rent service allows you to find the closest muscle car to your home or hotel. Most of our customers rent American muscle cars when they are on vacation or have a business trip, so they can enjoy the sights behind the wheel. The bigger the city, the more muscle cars you will find to rent.


DRIVAR® airport & hotel delivery service

You may be asking yourself, how can DRIVAR deliver an American muscle car, when cities are not even available on the website? The answer is just right in front of your eyes, DRIVAR possibilities are not limited, we are everywhere! Therefore, supported by our extensive logistic network, we are able to personally deliver your car at any pick-up location in the whole United States of America, including the airport, your hotel, or wherever convenient for you!

American muscle car rentals with great reputation

Way more than just a simple sports car rental company, we are DRIVAR! For over 8 years our company has been delivering the best service in the market of the exotic car rental business. Consequently, our reputation speaks for itself, firstly successfully inserted in Europe, now also present in the US. Concerning our quality standards, our objective is to provide the most efficient service to our customers. For that reason, each luxury vehicle is individually handpicked, verified and then advertised on our platform. Furthermore, apart from the fact that we have an insurance policy to support your safety, we are also available in any circumstance towards any conflict with the renter or American authorities. Therefore, feel free to get in touch with us!

The DRIVAR® team wishes you lots of fun renting sports cars of your dream! Search for muscle car rental on our website, make a reservation, and have a nice ride!

P.S.: If you have any further questions about the rental agreement, are interested in the minimum rental period, discount code for car sales, or require more details about coupon codes, vehicle model year – do not hesitate to contact us through mail or phone number!

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