How much to rent a Maserati ?

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How much to rent a Maserati

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Maserati is a world- automobile company of Italian origin, founded in 1914. At present, it specializes in the production of exclusive cars for the luxury segment. The company’s headquarters is located in the north-western part of Italy in Modena. Maserati brand is part of a large association “FIAT”.

Maserati today is a symbol of luxury and prestige. Maserati models are not just products of transportation, but works of art created by the best designers of our time, who presented their luxury cars in maximum style and comfort. Look at the best models of the legendary Italian brand, their prices, specifications and features! We want to introduce You to DRIVAR´s Maserati vehicles collection!

Maserati’s slogan is: “Absolute opposite to ordinary”.

How much to rent a Maserati

Maserati car rental with DRIVAR

Maserati Ghibli

“Maserati Ghibli” is built on the model of the Mercedes E-Class of past generations, finalized at the Ferrari factory The result is a very harmonious car with an outstandingly smooth ride and very interesting handling. The car is suitable for travel in the city and driving on the highway. Especially good is the all-wheel drive version, which allows you to really enjoy the ride wherever you find yourself – quickly, unforgettably and safely.

In the updated model, the gasoline engine now produces 350 liters and is rated at 3 liters. Thanks to the rotation of the crankshaft 5.5 thousand revolutions per minute, the sedan accelerates to 60mph in 5.5 seconds, reaching a maximum speed of 165 mph.

  • How much to rent Maserati Ghibli for a day: From 350$
  • How much to rent Maserati Ghibli for a weekend: From 999$
  • How much to rent Maserati Ghibli for a week: From 2,399$
  • How much to rent Maserati Ghibli for a month: From 9,999$

    How much to rent a Maserati

Maserati Levante SUV

The Levante range is literally a new word in the Maserati automotive world. These cars are unique crossover SUVs, which perfectly combine both impeccable Italian style and thrilling sporty spirit.

There are three versions of the Maserati Levante : the base one with a gasoline engine of 3 liters and 350 hp, Levante S with a gasoline engine of 430 hp and a diesel engine of 275 hp. All modifications have an automatic transmission, and front-wheel drive. The car allows to reach a speed of 155 mph, and acceleration up to 60 mph is achieved in 5-6 seconds. Fuel consumption in the mixed cycle is 7.6-8.5 liters per 100 kilometers.

  • How much to rent Maserati Levante for a day: from 549$
  • How much to rent Maserati Levante for a weekend: from 1,599$
  • How much to rent Maserati Levante for a week: from 3,799 $
  • How much to rent Maserati Levante for a month: from 15,999$

How much to rent a Maserati

Maserati Quattroporte

How much to rent a Maserati

Under the name “Quattroporte”, the brand produces sporty four-door luxury sedans. To date, there are six generations of this model. Among them, there are such models as the Maserati Quattroporte S Q4, S, Diesel, GTS GranSport GTS and GranLusso.

Depending on the motor, a diesel-powered car will be able to accelerate to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds, while a gasoline-powered one will do it in 4.9 seconds. The f-class car can reach a top speed of 176 mph. The model is driven by the rear or all-wheel drive.

  • How much to rent Maserati quattroporte for a day: from 649$
  • How much to rent Maserati quattroporte for a weekend: from 1,949$
  • How much to rent Maserati Quattroporte for a week: from 4,449$
  • How much to rent Maserati quattroporte for a month: from 18,499$


Maserati GranTurismo

How much to rent a Maserati

The Maserati GranTurismo, a four-seat two-door luxury coupe, is the epitome of style and power, and the perfect creation and embodiment of Maserati’s best traditions. It has a refined and elegant design that is sure to enhance its owner’s personality and status. Interior is a realm of uncompromising luxury, sports ergonomics and unrivaled comfort. Maserati Gran Turismo is a reliable and dynamic car for true driving enthusiasts!

The coupe goes from a place to 60 miles per hour in 5.2 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of about 177 mph with 405 horsepower.

  • How much to rent Maserati Granturismo for a day: from 599$
  • How much to rent Maserati Granturismo for a weekend: from 1,699$
  • How much to rent Maserati Granturismo for a week: from 3,999$
  • How much to rent Maserati Granturismo for a month: from 17,499$


Requirements for rental

Required Documents: Have a valid driver’s license. Carry an active insurance policy. Have major credit or debit cards.

Minimum Age for driving: Usually it is 21 years, however, could be special cases for specific luxury models. For certain vehicles, we offer a special “Young Driver Insurance” as an option. We will be happy to tell you, which cars are available with such an option by your request.

Deposit: Security deposit differs from car to car and is specific for actual model. You can find security deposits information on the respective car webpage. In most cases, the deposit can be transferred by credit card and of course full refund.

Insurance: We require all renters to hold a valid and active full coverage insurance policy in their name. The policy must have comprehensive and collision coverage, property damage liability coverage that matches the MSRP of the vehicle you would like to rent, as well as uninsured / underinsured coverage.

What to consider before renting
  • Special offers: Regularly take a close look at our website, from time to time we have special costs and last minute deals! This is your possibility to rent a desirable vehicle at a lower price!
  • Location: With cars available in nearly every city in the USA, predominantly in Las Vegas, Florida, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Houston, our organization is inserted in a network consisting of hundreds of exotic, sports, and exclusive cars available all over the country in any location.
  • Cancellation policy of the company: The cancellation costs are between 25% and 100%, depending on the rental rate selected during the reservation. You will receive an overview of all rental rates from us during the reservation.
  • Specials: There is always an opportunity to find an additional drivar for your trip, if necessary.
Similar luxury cars for rent

Besides Maserati rental we have plenty of other fabulous vehicles on our platform, take a look!

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Lamborghini Urus rental price: from 1,999$
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Check vehicle availability by contacting us, we would love to help You with the choice!

Rent Exotic car, sports car, fabulous luxury car or any other exclusive cars – everything is possible with drivar !

Information about the specific Maserati model: technical specifications, reviews and photos of the car. Watch videos and photos, as well as read a small description of the car on www.drivar.us!

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