How to earn money with your luxury car?

Rent your own car and make extra money

Regardless of whether it is a sports car, classic car, or SUV: With over 500 vehicles, DRIVAR® is Germany's largest sharing portal that specializes solely in luxury vehicles and now we are starring in the U.S. market. And since we have been running our own sports car rental for almost 10 years, we know exactly what rental companies are looking for! So now feel free to get extra cash with your luxury car!

7 reasons to advertise your luxury cars now for free on DRIVAR®:

1.) No fixed costs and no obligations

There are no fees for advertising your own car on DRIVAR®.

We also do not bind you to long contracts: If your car has been sold or you no longer rent it for other reasons, you can cancel it easily at any time you want.

Would you rather use your car yourself? No problem: you can decide and/or reject each request independently.

2.) For private individuals, car dealerships and commercial lessors

DRIVAR® is a platform for everyone! Regardless of whether it is a commercial rental company with its own fleet of vehicles, a dealership with unused demonstration vehicles, or a private individual with a single car: We have the right rental concept for everyone.

3.) A lucrative additional income opportunity

Depending on the value of your vehicle and the kilometers you have available, you can earn up to US$ 50,000 and more per year via DRIVAR®. And that without working for it yourself - just let your car do it for you! This is a new way to make more money nowadays.

4.) We take care of the entire process

As a lessor, you often don't have the leisure to process inquiries by phone and email 24 hours a day. This is also not a problem at all: DRIVAR® not only takes on the complete creation of advertisements but also takes care of all incoming inquiries at the same time. And since we have worked as lessors ourselves for several years, our trained sales team knows exactly what our customers value and thus ensures optimal utilization.

5.) Serious rental inquiries

We attach great importance to a serious network. This doesn't only mean that we select our landlords very carefully and pay attention to strict quality criteria, but also that we select incoming rental inquiries very carefully in advance. We also look very carefully at the documents of the respective customer before forwarding a rental request.

6.) Extensive coverage options

Of course, your car is dear to you. You want to get it back in the same condition as you gave it up. And from a legal point of view, everything should be just right when renting.

7.) Become part of a unique network

DRIVAR® is not just about vehicle brokerage. We are born car enthusiasts and know what exclusive car owners are looking for:

Adrenaline-charged racetrack events, private participation in high-quality supercar meetings, or joint sports car tours throughout the USA to ensure that you too can spend enough time in your car and have fun with us!

What are you waiting for? Start earning money with your special car today!