American, German and Japanese cars

The most popular classic cars

American, German and Japanese cars

American, German and Japanese cars

The lingering dispute over whose cars are better has been going on for decades. However, the question of taste often lies in an area beyond the reach of engineering or technical explanations. Therefore, in this article, we want without any disputes and ratings simply to tell you about the most known German, American and Japanese cars with their overall merits.

American Cars

American cars have a long and rich history, dating back to 1896. American automakers have given the world a huge number of well-known brands and high-class cars, which are popular not only in the United States itself but also throughout the global automotive community. Most of all American cars are remembered by many motorists with their large off-road vehicles such as Cadillac Escalade or Ford Ranger, passenger cars such as Tesla Model Y or Ford Focus, and of course their famous muscle cars – Ford Mustang GT, Camaro, Dodge Challenger.

Famous American car Brands:

The largest American manufacturers today are such car companies as Chevrolet, Buick, GMS, Cadillac – which are all a part of General Motors, then of course famous Ford, Jeep, Dodge. Other brands which represent the luxury segment are Chrysler and Lincoln. Plus do not forget growing in popularity with electric vehicles – Tesla Motors!

Features of American cars:
  • Rich equipment. Cars are endowed with a huge number of different innovations, even in the basic configuration.
  • Spacious and ergonomic interior, including an impressive size of the trunk.
  • Powerful and hard-wearing engines.
  • Excellent build quality and high maintainability.

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German Cars

Germany is the birthplace of the world’s first automobile, the cradle of automotive engineering. Since then, technology has only improved, and new models have become even more ergonomic, powerful and beautiful. The word combination “German car” has long been synonymous with quality, reliability and prestige, becoming probably the most desirable among other European cars. Manufacturers of cars from Germany are known for innovative solutions, using the most modern materials and technologies in the manufacture of its products.

Interesting Fact: The Benz Patent-Motorwagen was the world’s first car with an internal combustion engine, built in 1885 by the German inventor Carl Benz.

Famous German car Brands:

German cars are without a doubt some of the most popular in the world. Many German brands are surrounded by an aura of prestige and status. Their names are known all over the world and are spoken with respect everywhere. The largest concern in Germany is the Volkswagen Group, which includes such brands as Audi, Porsche, Skoda and Volkswagen respectively. Among other things, of course, have great popularity and such well-known German car brands such as reliable BMW, all well-known Mercedes Benz.

Features of German vehicles:
  • German cars target the best environmental performance.
  • Fuel-efficient cars. Focus on maximum efficiency with minimum fuel consumption.
  • The quality of materials. Even the smallest detail is made in strict compliance and well-engineered with the manufacturer’s standards.
  • Reliable cars. Steadily German automakers ensure and improve the safety of their vehicles.

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Japanese Cars

The Japanese car industry has long been known worldwide as one of the most successful industries in Japan. And Japanese cars, in turn, have become the definition of reliability, prestige, comfort and confidence on the road – gaining universal recognition on the world stage! From Japanese luxury cars such as Lexus LX 350 and Ā Infiniti Q60 to sports vehicles like Toyota Supra and Nissan GT-R – everyone is familiar with these legendary, top-quality cars!

Famous Japanese car Brands:

Toyota is considered to be the largest Japanese automakers deservedly! It owns the rights to one of the best Japanese car brands as Lexus, Nino, DŠ°ihatsu, as well as the company Subaru. Next, of course, we should mention the Nissan Group, which includes Infiniti and Datsun, plus since 2016 they were joined by Mitsubishi. And, of course, the Honda brand, which in addition to cars is engaged in the production of motorcycles, as well as various water and aviation equipment.

Interesting Fact: Toyota Corolla leads the world’s best-selling cars.

Features of Japanese vehicles:
  • Low cost of maintenance.
  • Practicality and originality. Japanese cars have a truly original appearance and a high level of practicality.
  • Optimal price/quality ratio. Japanese car manufacturers offer customers a car of excellent quality at a reasonable price

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