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If it´s a sports car, supercar, SUV or an oldtimer - We´re listing them all!

5 reasons to advertise your special car now at DRIVAR® for free

1.) No fixed costs and no commitments

We don’t take any money to advertise your car. Do you want to use your car on your own instead of renting it? No problem: You can accept or decline every inquiry on your own decision.
And if your car is sold, we’re just deleting your advertisement, without any discussion.

2.) Earn some real money with your car

Based on the current value and possible mileage per year, you can earn 50.000€ and more per year – Without being employed, just let your car do it for you!

3.) We completely organize the fulfillment

We know that your time is worthy: Neither you need to answer incoming inquiries not you need to fill out any contracts: The DRIVAR® team is working in this branch for years and takes care of really everything. Of course, you get back your personal car hand-washed, detailed and completely checked.

4.) Comprehensive insurance possibilities

Of course, you love your car. You want to get it back exactly in the same condition as you handed it out. And we guarantee for it – And even if there really is a defect, we take care of it with our insurance possibilities. As well as, every new user on DRIVAR® is checked before we accept him.

5.) Be part of a unique network

DRIVAR® is only about renting cars. We’re born petrol heads and know what you’re looking for: High-speed racetrack events, exclusive supercar meetings and stunning events are helping you to spend enough time in your own car and get in touch with other car guys.

options & conditions

for private and commercial suppliers

private suppliers

commercial suppliers

Advertisement of your car: for free
Enquiry management: for free
Handling of your car: for free
Deatiling of your car: for free

Commission: 35%

Advertisement of your car: for free
Enquiry management: for free

Commission: 25%

Yes, I will!

Are you convinced and want to advertise your car on our platform?

In this case, we’re looking forward to receiving your inquiry for an advertisement! After a short check, we’re going to get back to you with the next steps.

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