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The idea behind DRIVAR®

The idea behind DRIVAR® goes back to another well-known name in the branch of supercars in Germany: In 2009 we founded one of the biggest supercar rental companies in Europe – Motion Drive®. Our vision was clear: We wanted to give everybody the possibility to drive his personal dream car – For some affordable rates.

Since then, many supercar owners are considering if it would be possible to use their own cars to earn some money instead of only losing it. Our digital marketplace DRIVAR® is now connecting both sides!

Based on our professional knowledge in the luxury car rental business now everybody is participating!

Why renting at DRIVAR®?

  1. Because beautiful cars are not just a simple business model for us, but a real passion – and we pass that on to every customer!
  2. Because we have operated the largest sports car rental company in Europe for almost 10 years, know the luxury car rental industry very well and know what both tenants and landlords want.
  3. Because we maintain a worldwide network of rental companies, car dealers and private owners and can make almost any vehicle available at any location.
  4. Because all vehicles at DRIVAR have self-drive rental insurance and are approved as official rental vehicles.
  5. Because DRIVAR is available not only before but also during and after the rental as a contact person for communication between tenants and landlords.
  6. Because we filter the seriousness of our users beforehand, and thus do not even allow dubious landlords or questionable customers.

Get to know the DRIVAR® Team!

Phillipp Müller
Hannes Kaltofen
Tim Hieber
Tim Hieber
Sales & Customer Service
Evgenii Matveev
Internat. Customer Service
Charlotte Altrock
Charlotte Altrock

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