10 tips to rent a supercar in the USA

10 tips to rent a supercar in the USA

10 tips to rent a supercar in the USA

1) Self-drive rental insurance:

All rental cars registered in the USA must be registered with so-called self-drive rental insurance – otherwise, there is a risk of complete loss of insurance cover, and liability for the tenant can quickly run into the hundreds of thousands. Therefore, always pay attention to this insurance to be on the safe side. Working with us, you could be sure that all available exotic sports car on our website are registered and have required insurance.

2) Deposit:

Renting a car, a customer should always be aware that a deposit has to be paid for the rent. However, the following applies: The deposit is not (always) identical to the deductible in the event of a claim! This is usually hidden in the small print and should be asked for before renting in order to clear up any ambiguity. Using our website, you can see that the deposit is written in the description of each luxury model!

3) Rented vehicle age:

What could be worse than driving your absolute dream supercar, enjoying the ride to Las Vegas at high speeds, and suddenly hearing strange background noise from the car with realization – something has broken. Or even the leather seat or the worn, greasy steering wheel is not so cozy and comfortable anymore. To prevent this unpleasant feeling we suggest you take a look at the age of the supercar and probably get more information before renting it. Of course, there are apparently unbeatable cheap sports cars to rent, but sometimes a few more euros is money well invested so as not to ruin the vacation experience or get unexpected problems.

4) Additional kilometers:

In the supercar rental industry, it is common to set a kilometer limit per day. Often, however, each excessive KM is then billed significantly more expensive than if you discuss the additional kilometers with the landlord before renting. Read all the additional descriptions to the model of your interest on our company page to compute and prevent unexpected expenses during your ride.

5) Price comparison:

Renting an exotic supercar is not a low-cost adventure. We are talking about renting high-end automobiles with almost always six-digit values. The price is just one of many comparison criteria, but it should not be overestimated. Quality always has its price, but of course, it should be reasonable and adequate. Our advice is to think twice if the price looks suspicious and extremely low\high.

6) Choose the right supercar rental service:

The car rental market is growing and growing, including the luxury vehicle sector. However, this also has its downsides in some cases: dubious private providers, temporary suspicious luxury car rental companies offer exotic vehicles at apparently sensationally low prices. This could lead to some underwater stones: carelessly cleaned and damaged supercars, poor telephone availability (even in the event of damage!) And vehicle handovers in some dodgy backyards are the least of the evils. Another tip: check the reviews of the rental service if possible. Sometimes, even the existence of negative reviews could be a good example of the company’s honest transparency. Last but not least, take a great look at the webpage and social networks of the rental company, as it says a lot about the respective provider.

7) Second driver:

In most cases after renting such a precious car as Rolls Royce,  you don’t want to drive alone and better share the experience with your friends or a family. And suddenly, one of your passengers as well wanted to feel the power of the sports vehicle and grab the steering wheel himself. However, in this case, caution is advised, because if the driver is not noted in the rental agreement – under certain circumstances there is no insurance cover at all. Therefore, simply speak openly with the landlord and have a second driver registered before the rental in case of safety features, to prevent unnecessary expenses.

 8) Race track experience:

With the borrowed Aston Martin straight to the race track and quickly do a few laps for a new record? Not a good idea! In other words, almost every car rental company excludes the use of the rental car on racetracks, test tracks, and generally cordoned-off locations. No wonder, since the wear and tear increases quickly here and there is no insurance cover in case of the damage! Do not forget about this rule, during your fairy tale trip on Aston Martin!

9) Examine the luxury car:

On the way in a new Lamborghini Aventador, exploring the beach of California, but something happened quickly and the beautiful forged wheel of your exotic car had a touch with a curb. But wasn’t the damage already there? Moreover, will the tenant be in charge of damages in this situation? To prevent these questions, you must examine your rental car before taking it on the roads. Even if it takes a lot of time, a proper vehicle inspection together with the rental company is an absolute must! Slowly investigate your Mercedes Benz for any scratches, scuffs, or old damage marks. Try to take some photos of your own smartphone to be sure you have proof of any previous damage to the vehicle.

10) Pictures of cars:

The dream has almost come true: in a few hours, the fancy red top speed Ferrari, freshly polished, will be standing and wait for you, like advertised. However, after meeting with your super car you realized, that the color is different and the car looks old and dirty. The photos of the exotic cars should correspond to the real premium product and should not have been copied from any resource by chance. Look carefully and ask for additional photos of the SUV or vehicles if there is a concern in mind. In our company, we always take care that pictures correspond to the actual, updated car of your interest with the high quality and all necessary descriptions.

We hope to shed some light on all newcomers with these small, but important tips and, above all, to save you from expensive wrong decisions!

The DRIVAR® team wishes you lots of fun renting the supercar of your dream!

P.S.: If you have any further questions or additions for this section, do not hesitate to contact us!

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