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Lam Huracan Evo in Miami

AM Test Car 10 in San Francisco

BMW Test Car 9 in New York

Bug Test Car 8 in Seattle

For Test Car 7 in Orlando

Jag Test Car 6 in Los Angeles

Por 911 992 Carrera S in Miami

DRIVAR®: All cities. All luxury cars. One single marketplace.

The DRIVAR® network meanwhile consists of hundreds of sports, luxury, and supercars all over the United States – we also cover regions that were not able to experience before with your supercar.

Until now, you were only able to rent a luxury car in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston, Chicago, Boston, Orlando, San Francisco, San Diego, Philadelphia, Washington, Seattle, or Atlanta. We are changing that now by offering anybody the exotic car of her or his dreams anywhere in the United States.

Renting a sports car has never been easier

Why choose DRIVAR®?


It is a digital model: DRIVAR® offers you all secured payment methods and makes your rental payment simple, quick, and secure.


Besides all emotions: Luxury Car Rental's fundamental issue is trust. The DRIVAR® insurance packages allow you to enjoy your dream car without any surprise.


Do You need to deliver your dream car to the hotel or the airport? Exotic cars that usually complicated to rent? Unforgettable B2B events? DRIVAR® is making it possible!

How to earn money with your luxury car?

Our concept goes far beyond a luxury car rental. We see ourself as an innovative digital marketplace, where everybody is not only able to rent a supercar but also can advertise his luxury car and earn money with it.

DRIVAR® is a platform for every kind of sports and luxury car renter. So, to keep it simple: DRIVAR® brings together what has belonged together since ever.

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High-quality supercar rental with more than 10 years of experience

All cars advertised on DRIVAR® are personally verified and available. We bear the responsibility that every luxury car receives an advertising page on our platform and available at the announced location for our customers.

DRIVAR team is for now in the supercar rental business for over eight years in a leasing position, meaning we are way more than just an ordinary sports car rental agency. Furthermore, our team is there for you in case of any conflicts, may it be with the renter or German authorities – We are far more than just a simple luxury car rental platform.

Rent a Ferrari Rent a Porsche Rent a Lamborghini Rent a McLaren Rent a Muscle Car Rent a Mercedes AMG Rent a BMW M Rent a Nissan GTR Rent an Audi R8 Rent an Audi RS Rent a Tesla Rent a Mustang GT See all cars

Germanys #1 exotic car rental coming to the US

Carsharing is a trending topic. Sharing instead of owning saves resources and connects people. DRIVAR® is connecting the concept of an ordinary sports car rental with the advantages of private car sharing.

In the past, it was extraordinarily important to own a luxury car, even if this one was in use only once a year. Currently, people at first want to get the experience of an exotic or even a classic car while being independent and flexible! There is still a bit of demand for luxury cars for rent, but nobody wants to bear the financial and time load that an owned car requires in total.

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